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Java Day Riga 2013 – What a great day to remember!

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on November 28, 2013

What a superb day to remember!!
First time in Latvia, Riga, first time talking in a movie room.

When my talk was accepted by Dmitry (thank you very much once again) I couldn’t imagine of how great time I’d have during my stay in Riga. Everything was just perfect: the conference organization, the venue, the topics, the speakers and of course the participants! I wish I could duplicate myself to listen live more talks 😦 . I’m working on this 🙂

I decided to follow the Java 8 – Immutability – Scala track and I’m delighted that I had the chance to listen to all these speakers. It all started with the keynote speech by Simon Ritter and his excellent discussion about Functional Programming Constructs and Smpler Concurrency in Java SE 8. He made me want to use Java SE 8 right now and wondering if Lambda expressions is the end of the traditional for blocks and abstract classes! I can’t wait until March for the official release. In the meanwhile I can live with what Tero Perviainen reminded us about Immutable Java, by sharing his experience in real-life projects. Next, and after we enjoyed some great snacks, it was the right time to move to the Scala world, still in the JVM 🙂 Mirco Dotta, an experienced Typesafe Scala engineer, taught us how to effectively (not only for the compiler but the developer as well) write our Scala programs.

Then I had to take a break, because It was my turn to hold a session about code quality technical debt and SonarQube so I missed the talk by Jan Valenta about Java FX Deployment. I was really suprised of how many people actually use or are willing to use SonarQube 🙂

2013-11-28 17.42.11

The last talk I attended was JDK 8 Stream Style by this crazy Russian Oracle guy Sergey Kuksenko. His talk made me believe that the JDK8 Stream Class will be the new buzz-word class 🙂 . Buy bye lists, iterators etc.

I’m leaving Riga with the best of memories and maybe I’ll be back some day to attend another great Java Day event 🙂

Until that day, Jūs atkal redzēt my Latvian friends. ( I hope I got it right ) 🙂

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My top 5 Scala articles selection for week 15-21 October

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 22, 2012

In this post I present a selection (top 5) of Scala-related articles I read the previous week ( 15-21 October )

At the end of the month I’m gonna call a vote for the most useful post about Scala for October so keep reading FP guys and girls!

1. Benchmarking Scala against Java

The first article I suggest is a comparison of the quick sort algorithm implementations using Scala and Java. Interesting results and comments on the blog!


2. XML Processing in Scala

Scala treats XML documents as first class citizens. This presentation illustrates how easy is to parse and process XML documents with Scala. Bye-bye JAXB!

3. Does Scala as an FP language suffer from its OO syntax?

Well, this article tries to find the answer. What do you think? Does it suffer?

4. Tools for test-driven development in Scala

Scala, ScalaTest, Specs2, ScalaMock, TDD, BDD : All these tools and practices blended together in a presentation. The result? Awesome!

5. Convince your boss to let you use Scala

I love this powerpoint presentation.If you’re in the same position trying to convinces your boss(es) to let you learn and use Scala in a production software system then this is your chance!!

Until next week have fun with functional programming :)

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My top 5 Scala articles selection for week 08-14 October

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 15, 2012

In this post I present a selection (top 5) of Scala-related articles I read the previous week ( 08-14 October )

Getting started with Play 2.1, Scala 2.10 and Slick 0.11.1

I suppose that most of you have already read many articles Play and/or Scala.  This post is really awesome as it gives you some basic instructions on how to install, configure and make use of Slick with Play 2.1 and Scala 2.10. You don’t know what Slick is? Well, what are you waiting for? Start reading!


Modular programming using Object in Scala

Very interesting presentation about how Scala can help you write modules using Object and traits

Getting started with Scala and Scalatra

This is the last part of a four-article series about using Scalatra, a tiny web framework for Scala. This article introduces Akka and demonstrates how you can your application in Jboss 7.1.0 using openshift

Towards better refactoring support in IDEs for functional programming

This article is not Scala oriented, the examples shown are, however written in Scala. It targets a topic that IMHO it’s going to be very really important for next release of popular IDEs.

Coursera’s Functional Programming – Cheating discovered

If you’ve enrolled in coursera’s course about functional programming and Scala, then you have probably read an email about cheating discovered in assignments solutions. This discussion in ycombinator is awesome. Different opinions and thoughts that break the limits of the initial topic 🙂

Until next week have fun with functional programming 🙂

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Best Scala articles for September 2012

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 5, 2012

For September I have chosen to present a personal collection of articles that address / discuss one or more topics in Scala, which is currently the most “hot” functional programming language.

Why Java Developers should check out Scala?
Are you one of the 20.000.000 Java developers in the world and you’are wondering which is the best programming language to master? Then this blog is just for you. In a few words it explains why it’s important to take a look at Scala. I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna love them both ( article + Scala )


Tutorial – Getting started with Scala and Scalatra
Have you heard Scalatra before? If not, well it’s a new framework to help you creating APIs and web applications. It may not be mature yet but the following series of tutorials are a great start for someone that wants to get started with Scalatra


A pragmatic guide to scala adoption in your Java organization
OK!, you’ve attended Coursera’s course about Scala, you’ve read a couple of related books. You’ve even write some programs for personal use in Scala. Now what? How could possibly introduce Scala in your organization. This article and the report included is a step-by-step guide for scala adoption in a java dominated environment.


Why I enrolled in an Online Scala Course
Nicolas Frankel explains why he decided to attend the Coursera’s scala online course. It’s his personal thought but I totally agree with him and I suggest you that you should enroll in this course. It’s never too late!


Reproducing boolean logic in pure Scala
This is one of my favorite posts that reveals the flexibility and power of Scala.


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