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Up to half off all eBooks! Green Tuesday is back at Manning

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on November 26, 2013

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day in the US. Manning’s earth-friendly alternative is Green Tuesday. Today, and through the end of November, save up to 50%on all eBooks, including MEAPs. Stay at home, avoid the crowds and traffic jams, and still get some great deals. Now that’s a reason to give thanks!

40% off all eBook purchases under $50–Use code gt114013
50% off all eBook purchases over $50–Use code gt115013

Just enter the correct code in the Promotional Code box when you check out at Expires December 1. Only at

Countdown to 2014!

On December 1, we’re kicking off Countdown to 2014, our annual month-long party full of free gifts, great daily discounts, and other holiday festivities. Sign up now, and you’ll get:

  • A different special discount every day good for that day only
  • A chance to win one of 2 free eBooks daily
  • A chance to win the grand prize, an iPad Air

It all starts December 1. If you already get the Deal of the Day email alert, you’re automatically registered for the Countdown to 2014. If not, it’s a breeze to register.

eBook bestsellers


  1. Node.js in Action
  2. Single Page Web Applications
  3. C# in Depth, Third Edition
  4. Play for Scala
  5. Making Sense of NoSQL
  6. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
  7. The Art of Unit Testing, Second Edition
  8. Making Java Groovy
  9. SonarQube in Action
  10. Specification by Example 

MEAP Bestsellers


  1. Java 8 Lambdas in Action
  2. AngularJS in Action
  3. Big Data
  4. Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists 
  5. jQuery UI in Action 
  6. CORS in Action
  7. MongoDB in Action, Second Edition
  8. The Joy of Clojure, Second Edition 
  9. Akka in Action
  10. Functional Programming in Scala 

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Manning’s Countdown to 2013 – All technical books down to 50% during Christmas

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on December 11, 2012

Manning Publications is, IMHO, by far the most professional publisher when talking about technical books. They don’t publish books for every possible technology – I wonder who’s buying books for OpenNI or Yii. They carefully select the topics and all their books are of the highest quality, compact, easy to ready, without “noise”. But the best of all is that every  December they’re giving away free books. This year’s countdown to 2013 has already started with plenty of offers and some guys have already claimed their free books. 

In particular, each Monday is 50% off on a particular type of book. Yesterday was MEAP day!

As a heads up:

Monday Dec 17—Half off all eBooks with code dotd1217au
Monday Dec 24 and Tuesday Dec 25 —Half off any purchase, eBook, pBook, or MEAP with codes dotd1224au and dotd1225au

There’s more about the Countdown to 2013 at, including how to get a shot at an iPad Mini !!

In this post I suggest several books for topics that are currently hot and have an increased interest. So here they are!!!


1. Software Quality / Metrics
No matter what’s your favorite language, your programming style, your build tool, your development methodology, there’s something in common : the need of measuring source code quality. If I had to pick up only one tool for that that would be Sonar. Manning’s Sonar in Action is the only available book for Sonar that covers all seven axes of quality It explains core metrics, provides best practices for tuning, configuring and administering Sonar and includes a bonus chapter about writing your own plugin. 


2. Typesafe stack technologies
The Typesafe Stack is an integrated distribution that includes the Scala programming language, Akka event-driven middleware, and the Play web framework, along with a robust suite of development tools. It includes

  • The Scala programming language and standard library
  • The Akka event-driven middleware, with Scala and Java APIs
  • The Play framework for developing real-time Web applications, with Scala and Java APIs

Manning is here again and offers a variety of books to quickly learn the above technologies


3. Android
Getting better and better after every new version, Android is the #1 choice for mobile application development. Manning’s books cover all levels of experience, so even if you’re a novice or an experienced professional you’ll surely find a book that’s for you!


4. Big Data – NoSQL databases
RDBMS are dead. Long live NoSQL databases… Well RDBMS are not dead and will surely live for many years, but who can deny that NoSQL databases or a combination of these two technologies is the future of managing Big Data? Manning offers a series of books, that either target general concepts or focus on specific tools. 

So make up your mind and wait for Monday 17th or Christmas Day and Christmas Eve to buy your favorite books !!!

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