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JEEConf at a glance

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on May 26, 2014

Last week I had the chance to be part of the one of the major development conferences in Eastern Europe : JEEConf. Although I stayed only a couple of days and I attended only the first day of the event I came back full of lovely memories. In this post I will try to summarize my experiences and my impression about the event.

To be honest, I was very skeptical and concerned before I got to the plane from Thessaloniki to Kiev:) . Reading online articles and watching some TV clips about what was going on in Ukraine made me wonder about what I was going to find at that place. But what a surprise : Kiev is no different with any other capital city I’ve visited. Nothing could make you believe that somewhere in this country people are fighting for territories. The city was full of people from early in the morning until late at night and not even a single moment I felt like being in a war-zone as I was initially afraid. 

Now back to the conference. Even though Ukraine is not in the best situation of the last decade, almost 700 hundred people attended JEEConf. This number is the same with last year’s which means that the event was a great success under the current political circumstances. Like I said I was there two days. The day before the official start, I held a SonarQube workshop and I think attendees learned a lot of interesting staff about continuous inspection. During the day, we had lunch at a great place near the workshop venue and I tasted some of the traditional Ukraine dishes 🙂 . The first day of the main event was indeed full of great talks. Unfortunately I only attended three of them because the rest was in Russian 😦 and I don’t understand a single word : 

1. Tooling of a Test-Driven Developer by Paweł Lipiński
I am a fan of TDD and unit testing so I was expecting to see some cool tools specialized for TDD. The presentation was great. The speaker is an expert on his field and he’s really experienced. I had the chance to learn about the AssertJ framework with some cool live-coding examples, JUnitParams, a library implemented by the speaker for making JUnit Parameterised much easier and catch exception, a nice utility for writing better assertions on expected exceptions. All these things were really interesting but … I wouldn’t use the word TDD for the presentation topic, as all of these are great tools for Unit testing but unit testing is not practiced only with TDD. No matter what I enjoyed the talk so kudos to Pawel!

2. Mobile functional testing with Arquillian Droidium by Stefan Miklosovic 
The second talk was also very promising. Functional testing for mobile devices using Arquillian? Seriously? I needed to see this! I learned a lot interesting things watching the presentation but I have to admit that I was expecting more. The speaker had some technical problems for the first 15′ so he had to run his slides a little. If I were him I would have skipped the introduction part for Arquillian and I would go straight to the meat with Droidium. The tool looks great but I’d prefer to see in details some more examples or spend some even more time describing the features and some best practices. One thing is for sure, however, I will surely try Droidium in the near future.

3. Memes and Cargo Culting in Java by Nicolas Fränkel (Switzerland)
Last but not least it was the talk of Nicolas Frankel . I think it was the best way of closing a great conference day. Nicolas has a great sense of humor while presenting without however missing the core points of his talk. The idea of his presentation was genuine and innovative, although not very technical, but like I said it was exactly what we needed as attendees for our last talk 🙂 With ‘imaginary’ examples, because none of these could never be true ( LOL ), he explained several of the paradoxes that we all have seen with our eyes in our software development career. That was definitely the best talk out of the three that I attended. 

Aside of these talks I had the chance to meet some great speakers I already knew and some new ones ( Sergey Kuksenko , Peter LedbrookAleksey Shipilёv, Alexey Fyodorov , Gleb Smirnov , Yakov Fain … and of course : Nicolas Fränkel ) 

I will definitively be there for JEEConf 2015 edition and the only thing I’d suggest to the organizers: Please add some more English talks 😀 

P.S. Thanks a lot for your kind words and the feedback I got for my talk : Holding down your Technical Debt with SonarQube . 

See you next year!

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