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Oredev by Jayway : The art of making great conferences

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on November 11, 2013

Last week I had the chance to be at Malmo, Sweden to participate at Oredev Conference both as a speakar and an attendee. For those that haven’t heard it before Oredev is one of the largest (maybe the largest one) conferences in Sweden and in Europe. It’s organized by JayWay every November at the beautiful city of Malmo. This year, as far as I know, more than 1000 people attended the talks and workshop sessions.In this blog post I sum-up my experiences and my feelings about all the things I lived during the conference. 

Oredev as a speaker

I don’t have much experience from conferences as a speaker but one thing it’s for sure. These guys know very well how to organize large succesful conferences and treat you like a star 🙂 It’s absolutely true that everyday I was feeling that I was really special. It all started at the hotel, where a warm welcome letter and a box of traditional swedish candies were waiting for me at the reception desk. The first two days were dedicated to workshops and the attendees were not as many as the rest of the days. So that was a great occasion to have a couple of speaker events. Unfortunately I managed to go only to the speakers dinner at Malmo’s city hall. Great food, great wine, great people!! Before that, we visited JayWay’s offices for a pre-dinner party where I was thrilled to meet in person one of the authors of EJB3 in action, Reza Rahman . Then we walked to the centre of Malmo to the city hall, a beautiful building with large rooms decorated with paintings from Malmo’s history, where the Mayor welcomed us with champagne.Imagend 

During the main event ( dinner) I had the chance to sit at the same table with some of the greatest speakers of the event ( Jessica KerrRandall Munroe , Peter van Hardenberg etc.) and learn more about them and their expertise. Too bad that it was only for a few hours 😦 . 


Earlier at the same day, Ann Campbell and I, we successfully delivered a SonarQube workshop. I was really happy to see people improving their knowledge about SonarQube and Continuous Inspection. Image

On Wednesday, the first day of presentation and talk sessions, I discussed about SonarQube and Code quality. This was my first public speech in such big audience and I have to admit that I was obviously nervous before and during the session. At least noone left during my presentaion 😉


Oredev as an attendee

The truth is that it’s difficult to organize events that cover the most trendy and cool topics but Oredev was a total success on that. I wish I could duplicate myself to be at the same time in more than one rooms, but video recordings are already online so I guess I can live with it 🙂 . Great food during all conferences days, plenty of drinks, coffee and other little things that made the time between talks pass really quickly.


I loved the “Does Pair Programming have to suck” presentation from Angela Harms, the MobProgramming by Roy “Woody” Zuill and of course the evening key note by Randall Munroe . So many new ideas, so many new things to learn and share in just three days, but this is how conferences should be 🙂 

The beautiful journey that started 6 months ago when I received an invitation email from Oredev programm committee ended on Friday but I know that only one thing can make me forget it : OREDEV 2014!!! 🙂

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