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My top 5 Scala articles selection for week 15-21 October

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 22, 2012

In this post I present a selection (top 5) of Scala-related articles I read the previous week ( 15-21 October )

At the end of the month I’m gonna call a vote for the most useful post about Scala for October so keep reading FP guys and girls!

1. Benchmarking Scala against Java

The first article I suggest is a comparison of the quick sort algorithm implementations using Scala and Java. Interesting results and comments on the blog!


2. XML Processing in Scala

Scala treats XML documents as first class citizens. This presentation illustrates how easy is to parse and process XML documents with Scala. Bye-bye JAXB!

3. Does Scala as an FP language suffer from its OO syntax?

Well, this article tries to find the answer. What do you think? Does it suffer?

4. Tools for test-driven development in Scala

Scala, ScalaTest, Specs2, ScalaMock, TDD, BDD : All these tools and practices blended together in a presentation. The result? Awesome!

5. Convince your boss to let you use Scala

I love this powerpoint presentation.If you’re in the same position trying to convinces your boss(es) to let you learn and use Scala in a production software system then this is your chance!!

Until next week have fun with functional programming :)

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