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My top 5 Scala articles selection for week 08-14 October

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 15, 2012

In this post I present a selection (top 5) of Scala-related articles I read the previous week ( 08-14 October )

Getting started with Play 2.1, Scala 2.10 and Slick 0.11.1

I suppose that most of you have already read many articles Play and/or Scala.  This post is really awesome as it gives you some basic instructions on how to install, configure and make use of Slick with Play 2.1 and Scala 2.10. You don’t know what Slick is? Well, what are you waiting for? Start reading!


Modular programming using Object in Scala

Very interesting presentation about how Scala can help you write modules using Object and traits

Getting started with Scala and Scalatra

This is the last part of a four-article series about using Scalatra, a tiny web framework for Scala. This article introduces Akka and demonstrates how you can your application in Jboss 7.1.0 using openshift

Towards better refactoring support in IDEs for functional programming

This article is not Scala oriented, the examples shown are, however written in Scala. It targets a topic that IMHO it’s going to be very really important for next release of popular IDEs.

Coursera’s Functional Programming – Cheating discovered

If you’ve enrolled in coursera’s course about functional programming and Scala, then you have probably read an email about cheating discovered in assignments solutions. This discussion in ycombinator is awesome. Different opinions and thoughts that break the limits of the initial topic 🙂

Until next week have fun with functional programming 🙂

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