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Best Scala articles for September 2012

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 5, 2012

For September I have chosen to present a personal collection of articles that address / discuss one or more topics in Scala, which is currently the most “hot” functional programming language.

Why Java Developers should check out Scala?
Are you one of the 20.000.000 Java developers in the world and you’are wondering which is the best programming language to master? Then this blog is just for you. In a few words it explains why it’s important to take a look at Scala. I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna love them both ( article + Scala )


Tutorial – Getting started with Scala and Scalatra
Have you heard Scalatra before? If not, well it’s a new framework to help you creating APIs and web applications. It may not be mature yet but the following series of tutorials are a great start for someone that wants to get started with Scalatra


A pragmatic guide to scala adoption in your Java organization
OK!, you’ve attended Coursera’s course about Scala, you’ve read a couple of related books. You’ve even write some programs for personal use in Scala. Now what? How could possibly introduce Scala in your organization. This article and the report included is a step-by-step guide for scala adoption in a java dominated environment.


Why I enrolled in an Online Scala Course
Nicolas Frankel explains why he decided to attend the Coursera’s scala online course. It’s his personal thought but I totally agree with him and I suggest you that you should enroll in this course. It’s never too late!


Reproducing boolean logic in pure Scala
This is one of my favorite posts that reveals the flexibility and power of Scala.


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