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Hire a greek software engineer TODAY

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on May 27, 2012

Hire a greek software engineer today!! 

Okay.. I’m waiting for a couple of minutes to let you stop laughing..
You think it’s funny? You think I AM funny…
Well, face the (ugly) truth… You’ve heard a lot of times about Greece and Greek people the last 2-3 years. It’s time to know that apart from all these political and economical problems ( I’m wondering ehich country doesn’t have any ) there are people living here….   Young people, well-educated, eager to work… watching their life passing in front of them … without having the chance to offer their bit to the society ,  to the technology.

Greece has over a dozen of university faculties that teach students about computer science and software engineering. Every year hundreds of fresh developers come out to the market. HIRE ONE TODAY!!!

We are not lazy!! We are smart! We are ambitious! We want to create state of the art products! 
But we need jobs… Software engineering in Greece is unfortunately an industry with few job offerings… so Europe and U.S. is our next target.

Seek your next software engineer in Greece.
Don’t throw away CVs and resumes from greek candidates…

Try greek developers , greek testers and you ‘ll not regret it.

Hire a greek software engineer TODAY!


7 Responses to “Hire a greek software engineer TODAY”

  1. Hi, I’m looking for software and game developers. I would like to hire Greek developers. Can you please point me to the right direction where to look for developers. Have in mind that I don’t speak Greek language.

  2. Vignesh said


    I’m looking forward to hiring Greek mobile app developers. Interested candidates please contact me within a day or two.

  3. Hi Patroklos,
    I never thought or believed Greek people and Greek software developers are lazy.
    But where they are?
    Maybe you can provide a web site where their Job-Search-Requests are available?

    Here in Germany (Berlin) it is increasingly hard to find a qualified software and algorithm developer.
    Of course I would consider any application no matter from which country or nationality, if the woman/man fits to the task (and if salary demands fit to our possibilities).

    Kind regards

  4. Mike Welch said

    Hi Patroklos, We are looking for Engineers so how do we connect with them in Greece, please?

  5. George Klidas said

    Hi Patroklos
    I am looking to hire 2 software developers from Greece for a German client. Where can I connect with them? I do speak Greek.
    Thank you

  6. Mike Welch said

    Hi Patroklos, We are still hiring but no news from Greek software, computer, networking engineers so far. Just email CV’s to if you are interested in the smart world of IoT and controls. Thank you.

  7. Mike Welch said

    Hi Patroklos, We are still hiring, sadly no Greek software engineers seem to be applying?

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