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Hire a greek software engineer TODAY

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on May 27, 2012

Hire a greek software engineer today!! 

Okay.. I’m waiting for a couple of minutes to let you stop laughing..
You think it’s funny? You think I AM funny…
Well, face the (ugly) truth… You’ve heard a lot of times about Greece and Greek people the last 2-3 years. It’s time to know that apart from all these political and economical problems ( I’m wondering ehich country doesn’t have any ) there are people living here….   Young people, well-educated, eager to work… watching their life passing in front of them … without having the chance to offer their bit to the society ,  to the technology.

Greece has over a dozen of university faculties that teach students about computer science and software engineering. Every year hundreds of fresh developers come out to the market. HIRE ONE TODAY!!!

We are not lazy!! We are smart! We are ambitious! We want to create state of the art products! 
But we need jobs… Software engineering in Greece is unfortunately an industry with few job offerings… so Europe and U.S. is our next target.

Seek your next software engineer in Greece.
Don’t throw away CVs and resumes from greek candidates…

Try greek developers , greek testers and you ‘ll not regret it.

Hire a greek software engineer TODAY!


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