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Best Agile Practices (Survey results) – Berriprocess

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on January 1, 2012

Via Scoop.itAgile in Dev Teams

Recently, through my blog and my web site, I have made a study of the most useful and easy to adopt agile practices and of the value these practices provide to the organizations.

2 Responses to “Best Agile Practices (Survey results) – Berriprocess”

  1. PM Hut said

    HI Patroklos,

    Can you be a bit more elaborate on the chart above? It’s not that mean to figure out just by looking at the diamond shaped dots. What is WeightU and WeightE anyway?


    • Hi PM Hut, The WeightU axe indicates how useful is (has been proven ) an agile practice whereas WeightE axe indicates how easy was to apply it. If you read the whole article in, you see a more detailed explanation of the research.

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