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Archive for October, 2011

Best Agile Practices Blog Articles during September 2011

Posted by Patroklos Papapetrou on October 3, 2011

For September I have chosen to present a personal collection of articles that address / discuss one or more agile practices. Estimation, CI, Continuous Delivery and much more. Enjoy!.

4 Values of the Innovative Team
What does it take to have team be successful in an innovation?  All teams operate with a set of values, usually implicitly.  In this post,Paul Boos discusses the 4 primary values that a innovative team will exhibit and according to him,  these values are what allow a team to be creative in constructing and implementing an innovation.

Estimating a full backlog based on a sample of it
My favorite article for last month. See how easy it is to have a full backlog estimation just by estimating only a portion of the total user stories. Mike Cohn offered to all agile practicioners another excellent post.

The value of stable teams
Forget about multi-tasking. Forget about multi-project assignments. Bring your team members together and make them last ( forever!!! )

Agile is NOT a game of perfect
Agile isn’t about perfection; it’s about bringing value to your organization and to your customers in the most cost-effective, team-centric, transparent way.

How does QA fit in?
Do you have a separated department of testers. How can they work smoothly in an agile team? Or even better… how can they be a part of that team?

How to introduce a Test-Driven Mindset
Test Driven Development is considered to be one of the most difficult agile practices to adopt and that is because is primarly a mindset problem and not a technology or tools issue. This post, by Mike Caspar, presents an excellent approach on how you can introduce a TDD mindset in an agile team

Continuous Deployment is Continuous Business Improvement
Why it is extremely important to achieve continuous deployment. It’s not about technology… it’s about business improvement

Continuous Delivery – Why you don’t really “get it”?
Are you sure you understand what CI is?

Feel free to add any article you found interesting in the list

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